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Adoreware designs hardware and software for the greatest computer ever built, the Commodore 64.  The C64 holds a special place in many people’s hearts around the world.  The C64 is still available for purchase over the internet and many new products are currently being designed for it.  Adoreware is part of a family of people who revere this awesome computer for more than just nostalgia.  We truly believe our personalities and lives were molded by the advent of the C64.  We shared our childhood with the C64, and now we are reliving it by keeping it alive.


Adoreware is focusing on “Extreme Cartridge 2” or EC2 and also a demo every now and then.  EC2 is being developed to try to preserve every cartridge created for the C64.  A lot of cartridges are impossible to find or only the ROMs are available.  Due to the age, a lot of cartridges are on the brink of extinction because they are still being used and electronic components are reaching their life span.  If you would like to support us or leave any comment, please see the Contact page.


Please read Petscii - Extreme Cartridge 2 forum for EC2 progress.


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Check out our Downloads page for an unreleased demo I wrote in 2006.  Another demo is available for download that was written very early on by the now defunct scene group “TCC” or “The Cracking Council”.  The original members were Mr. Ritz (me), The Beetle, and The Kidd.  The main focus of the group was the release of game disks and I’m working on restoring the original 48 disks releases by our group.   Each double sided disk contained about 9 or 10 games.


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