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The software development department of our company was formally known as “Adoresoft” but now both software and hardware design are rolled under the “Adoreware” company name.


Adoreware primarily designs C64 software using 6510 assembly language. CBM Program Studio is the preferred complier used in software development for the C64.  Adoreware is currently developing firmware and a system ROM for the EC2 cartridge which includes both the FPGA configuration firmware written using Altera’s Quartus II software, and the C64 ROM written in 6510 assembly language.


Although software design for our hardware has priority, we occasionally create demos, design graphics, restore damaged software disks by rewriting missing code, and modify software code to compensate for drive errors or fast loading anomalies in order to create legal backups of purchased software. ;o)


Check out our Downloads page for an unreleased demo I wrote in 2006.  Another demo is available for download that was written very early on by the now defunct scene group “TCC” or “The Cracking Council”.  The original members were Mr. Ritz (me), The Beetle, and The Kidd.  The main focus of the group was the release of game disks and I’m working on restoring the original 48 disks releases by our group.   Each double sided disk contained about 9 or 10 games.


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