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Click on the picture below to download.  Enjoy!



3D Animation of the EC2 Board

(6 Megs)




“Animation” demo (unreleased) written by Mr. Ritz between 2006 and 2007

(VICE must be in NTSC mode and have “True Drive Emulation” selected. Download the VICII Palette and use in VICE for best color results. This demo has full screen animation unsurpassed by any demo!!! I’m not much of a musician, so all the music is ripped from the HVSC.  Use a joystick in the “Windows” page to click the “Start” menu!






“Atomize” demo written by The Cracking Council in their infancy in 1989

(It is only two pages, have very little text in the scrolls, and very little else but it’s a part of our history we like to preserve.)




CBM Program Studio

(Very nice compiler!)




(GNU graphics editor, careful it’s 14 MEGS!!!)




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